Our Leadership
Dr. Biju Ramesh Dr.Biju Ramesh gives the leadership for the group. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of this group. No venture can be successful with out vision and determination to excel. Behind our steady growth is the focused and well planned business strategy of its dynamic leader. Dr.Biju Ramesh with his exceptional vision, foresight & planning has ensured the commendations of all in travel and hospitality field. He had achieved several awards for his business excellence.

Our Success

The Story of Rajadhani Hotels, which opened its first hotel in 1972, is a tale of continues innovation, remarkable expansion, and a single-minded dedication to the highest of standards. It has transformed the hospitality industry by combining friendliness and efficiency with the finest traditions of international hotel keeping. In the process, we had redefined luxury for the modern traveller. We have aspired to be the best hotel in each location where we operate. Early in the company’s history we decided to focus on redefining hospitality as service and that became our strategic edge. And, in order to deliver on that promise, we needed to harness the ‘best of the best’ employees who are dedicated, committed and inspired to deliver great service. They are the standard bearers for the intuitive, highly personalized service we aspire to provide. By pioneering new wave to serve the changing life style of the traveler, Rajadhani Hotels continue to respond to emerging guest needs. Nowhere is he is more evident than in the way that in-room services also have evolved. Dining options now include Nadan Cooking (simple, wholesome recipes that travelers would have at home) as well as the creative dishes of Vegetarian Dining. Today’s guest can also choose from an ever-widening array of services that are completely customized to his or her needs. Today, more than ever, time is our guests’ most precious commodity. What they value are services designed to help them use their time well, whether traveling for business or leisure. We see this with room service breakfast. No longer just for leisurely breakfasts in bed, it is used most by the business traveler to save valuable time.

To ensure the quality of Rajadhani Hotel service is consistent, and continues to meet guests’ experience every time, the company has always focused on its employees. We treat our employees with the same level of respect that they in turn give our guests. This, combined with managing rather than owning hotels, has long been the foundation of the company’s philosophy, and the driving force behind its success.

Poised for the future

Moving into the new millennium, Rajadhani Group is continuing massive expansion program begun in the late 1990s. More than 10 new projects around the country are currently under construction or in development. The new properties represent the new generation of exceptional destination resorts as well as business hotels. This expansion will increase our presence by nearly one third and conform our continuing commitment to operate the top hotel in each market we enter. Recent years have seen tremendous acceleration in travel, in both business and leisure markets. With increasing experience and frequency, travellers become progressively more demanding in their needs and the service and comfort levels pioneered by Rajadhani will only grow in significance. Looking ahead, Rajadhani group will continue to lead the hospitality market with innovative enhancements, making business travel easier and leisure travel more rewarding.

“We define the experience through the service we provide, and we strive to offer the same high level of personalized service visit to visit and hotel to hotel,” says Dr.Biju Ramesh. “It is this quality of service that is so critically important to our guests, and the degree to which we can provide and evolve it, is also the degree to which we can differentiate ourselves and stay ahead of the rest”.