Our Aim

Our Hospitality Strategies

  • Deliver service in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner
  • Provide our guests with a Superior and quality hotel product
  • Create a workplace environment that promotes training and encourages loyalty
  • Achieve financial objectives in order to enhance job security and reward dedicated employees

Our Mission

We confirm that each guest’s experience will be so satisfying and that he or she will be eager to return and recommend us to their friends, family and associates.

Our Vision

Rajadhani Group is unique among hotel management companies. For each asset we manage, we provide a clear vision for navigating its success. Long before we focus our attention to day-to-day operations, we perform thorough due-diligence, (eg. market analysis completing thorough market recap and outlook assessment, competitive assessment, and plotting of all forces at work with in a market). We discern our strategy as a direct result of our program to comprehend the asset. Developing relevant strategies proves essential to achieving each assets mission and goals.

Our commitment

After having completed the capital portion of the investment (whether developing new, repositioning, refinancing or making other changes to optimize performance), we really go to work applying our management and marketing disciplines - Work that allows us to deliver on the strategic business objectives.

Our Integrity

Rajadhani Group is committed to achieve financial objectives that satisfy the needs of our group. We place the financial success of each asset we manage ahead of all other preferences. In the process, we are determined to do business the way it should be done- with vision, commitment and the highest integrity and dedication.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Maintain assets at the highest quality
  • Empower the personnel to exceed guest’s needs
  • Nurture relationships with clients, customers and capital sources
  • Achieve optimum financial performance
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards